RSA Description

Russian-speaking Student Association at Stanford brings together people who are interested in culture, history, and traditions of the Former Soviet Union countries. We organize various social events: BBQs, movie nights, volleyball, guitar singing, get togethers throughout the academic year. Everybody is welcome to attend, even if you don’t speak Russian!

Basic Information

Facebook group: link
Become a member: fill out the survey
Volleyball: to join games on the weekly basis,
email the RSA President (see below)

For organizers

HOW TO organize a small event:
  • Book a space (manual).
  • Write an announcement to RSA mailing list.
  • Reach out to organizers if you need help.


Katerina Velcheva Photo Katerina Velcheva
RSA President

Math PhD student,
kati13 at stanford dot edu

Vasily Kruzhilin Photo Vasily Kruzhilin
RSA Vice-President

Physics PhD student,
kruzh at stanford dot edu

Olga Fuks Photo Olga Fuks
RSA Financial Officer

ERE PhD student,
ofuks at stanford dot edu

Previous teams ...

Upcoming events

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by filling out the survey
TBA Graduation & Farewell Party
Location TBA

Past events